Nineteen years ago this Halloween I got engaged. Two years later on the same day my oldest daughter was born. So needless to say Halloween is pretty special around here.

Celebrating a birthday on Halloween is not for the weak – only a total hero can interrupt a whole-day candy binge for a slice of birthday cake and still function.

This is the table I set for her birthday this year with just the most subtle taste of Halloween…

This look was super easy to do. To make the bats I went to Michael’s (but any craft store would carry it) and bought the thin foam used for kids crafts, each sheet was 18″ wide. Here’s an easy template I made that you can use – since the bat is 18″ wide but your paper is probably only regular letter size, just print the left side and right side separately and put them together: Bat Template Right Side   Bat Template Left Side.

Instead or in addition to the pumpkins, you can use these bats as place cards or even as menus. Just use your imagination! For less than $20 these bats make the perfect sophisticated statement.


And of course, can’t forget the details. Candles are great for any table setting but are a must for Halloween, and they look great in my black lanterns; and the last of my hydrangeas of the season finish it all off.

If you think of any other great ways to use these bats I’d love to see a picture! I’d also love to see your halloween decor.


I’ve added a few more pictures to inspire your Halloween tables – they’re so impactful and beautifully simple 🙂

Isn’t this great! Remove the labels from your wine bottles and you can eve try chalk paint (get it from Home Depot).

It doesn’t get easier than this but wow, so effective!

This is definitely my table for next year! I love when Halloween isn’t too cliché.



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