Are you thinking of painting your walls? If you’re anything like me, you know choosing a paint colour can be stressful – let’s face it, bringing home those little swatches of colour is a good start but don’t you ever wish you could just see what it would look like before putting the paint on your walls? I mean actually being able to take a sneak peek? Well you can… and it’s called Photoshop.

Since I’m looking to paint my dining room, let me show you how this all comes together… I painted my dining room two years ago and still love the colour.

Problem is, I chose a colour that was a few shades darker than my hallway but, as you can tell from the picture below, there’s really not enough contrast or difference between the two of them.

So I’m finally ready to invest the time, money and labour, painting my dining room. My top three choices are white, black and blue – black has always been my favourite colour but lately white walls are kinda becoming a thing for me; and since I wanted three options, I decided to throw in a blue.

Now get ready, this is where Photoshop comes in – I took the same picture and, as you can see below, I overlayed the three different colours.  Which one is your favourite?

I have to admit I am loving the fresh white look. This room tends to be on the dark side so white would work well in there. Adding wall frames to the top of the walls would also look amazing. My hubby and I did the wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls and it’s pretty easy. You can read all about how to get them done in my post “Easy DIY Wainscoting“. Trust me it is worth the time!

The next picture is the blue. My house is mainly neutral but I actually really like the blue! To be honest, I just added it because I wanted a third option to show you but it ended up being my family’s favourite.

And finally black. It’s definitely dramatic and I am loving how it instantly gives drama to the room with a powerful, moody statement.

I love the contrast the black brings to the dining room and hallway.


So there you go! I really found it helpful to see all the colour choices on my walls BEFORE painting! I have a clear winner… Which one is your favourite? Stay tuned because I’ll be posting the final room makeover shortly!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by!

Ciao for now



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