Hi there and thanks for stopping by. I’m so excited to take you on a tour of our Transitional Master Bathroom that we completed at the end of last year. I designed this space to have a calm, relaxed and spa like feel. Hopefully I can help you achieve the same feeling in your bathroom.

Renovating a bathroom and starting from scratch can be a daunting task. Most people know what “feel” they want in a room but just don’t know how to achieve it. For instance, did you know that reds, oranges and yellows are warm colours and will make your room seem alive? But, blues, purples and greens are cool colours and can help a room have a more relaxed feel?

Quick tip: If you’re having trouble knowing where to start with your colour choices, a good rule of thumb in achieving a relaxed and calming feel in your bathroom is to simply pick three colours that have the same tone. The lightest colour should be the dominant colour (covering about 70% of the room). Then, the next lightest is the supporting colour (covering about 20% of the room). Then the darkest or accent colour should add the punch and account for about 10% of the room.

Use the above tip as a guide if you need to. Normally, I’m not a big advocate of all these design rules but they can come in handy when you are stuck – especially with colour. Personally, I am a bigger believer in surrounding yourself with whatever it is you love, even when it breaks every rule in the book.

For our bathroom, I decided to go with a light and neutral colour scheme with warm wood accents. The touches of wood give it an even more spa like feel. Below is an inspiration concept board that I put together before the renovation even started to help me visualize the look and feel of the space.

Whether you make a board like this or just cut out pictures, colours, fixtures and textures from a magazine and stick them on a piece of paper, it can really help you in visualizing the final space.

If you’re completely gutting your bathroom, I strongly urge you to think about how YOU use the space. What would make it most suitable for you and your family? When you gut any room, you’re really starting from a blank slate so don’t get stuck thinking things have to go back where they came from. Shake things up a bit. Don’t always assume that it’ll cost too much either. Ask your contractor – sometimes a change is not as expensive as you might think.

For us, that meant getting rid of our bathtub. Honestly, we just never used it and the extra space allowed us to build a separate vanity for my husband. We love having our own spaces and it also allowed enough room on my vanity to add a make-up table.

Below is a picture of my husband’s vanity – where the bathtub used to be.

The next picture below is of my vanity. Originally I wanted an upholstered make up stool, but our budget was a running a bit thin towards the end of the reno. I found this stool at Homesense for $50 and, in the end, I really loved the texture it provided.

You’ll see in the picture below that we continued the same tile from my shower floor to my bathroom floor. I wanted to make the room appear larger so I didn’t want to obstruct the flow in any way.  Having a strong contrast between the shower floor and the bathroom floor would have broken up the space. The glass shower also helps make the bathroom feel larger by not chopping up the layout.

Picking out the darkest grey in our floor tile and using it for the vanity colour provided a nice rich contrast. The dark vanity grounds the room nicely. What do you think?

These sconces from Pottery Barn were on my non-negotable list. I loved that the back plate was square and it became the inspiration for the rest of my fixtures which carried the same shape and colour.

Square shower system.

  Square faucets.

And a square shower door handle.

 Quick tip: If you’re not buying all your fixtures as a set, remember that fixtures are rarely right beside each other in a bathroom.  As long as they have the same general shape, feel and colour, they will all tie together nicely. For a more cohesive look, make sure all your fixtures are in the same metal.


” Luxury is in the Details “


Next, don’t forget to pay attention to the details. Your bathroom deserves big fluffy towels (not the regular size ones but splurge for those oversized ones) and plush bath mats that your feet can really sink into.

And don’t forget the candle!

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Transitional Master Bathroom and can take away a few pointers to help you create a similar space. If you haven’t already seen it, please take a look at my Dining Room Makeover that we completed last year. Thanks for stopping by!