Decorating blank walls are like having a big empty canvas in front of you – the possibilities are endless. But sometimes, with so many choices, the endless possibilities can also be daunting. Here are 10 inspiring way for you to decorate your blank walls that are easy and inexpensive but pack a big decor punch.

Ten ideas for Decorating Blank Walls

One. Large Statement canvas

The picture below is a large canvas I created for my living room. It’s roughly 4ft x 7ft. (I will post a how-to on this canvas soon I promise!) Since I already have a gallery wall in this room I wanted something that would fill the entire wall but not make the room look too busy. Remember that when you use a statement piece on your wall, keep all the other decor smaller and more subdued – let the other decor compliment but not compete with the statement piece.

 Two. Wallpaper

When decorating blank walls, wallpaper is probably the easiest way. And as for cost? Since it is going only on one wall you can really splurge here. Go for a bold design for a real impact.

 Three. Typography walls

I absolutely love typography and will be incorporating typography somewhere in my home. It really adds interest to a room and can be quite a conversation piece. Take a look at the photo below.

 Four. Mirrors

Both functional and attractive, mirrors also brighten a room and can make a small room appear larger.

 Five. Large Clocks

Large clocks are a great way to add a focal point to a room. Tip: Trust me, fail safe place for a large clock is always above a fireplace!

 Six. Shelves

Shelves are a great way to fill up a wall. It’s also away to display all your little knick knacks in one spot. Just remember not to overcrowd your shelves.

 Seven. Gallery wall

A beautiful gallery wall is powerful. And depending on your style, there are many different styles of gallery wall. The first picture is a more structured way to style your frames and probably the easiest to execute.

This gallery wall takes a bit more planning. I suggest laying out your frames on the floor first. A good trick is to cut out craft paper the size of your frames and putting those up on your wall first. Once you are happy with the layout simply swap out the craft paper for the frame.

 Eight. Blackboard wall

Chalkboard wall are no longer just for kids. Chalkboard wall can be great in dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens. Imagine a  chalkboard bistro wall in a kitchen?

Nine. Hanging Tapestry

Tapestries or even quilts are a great way to fill a wall. Just remember that the colours have to compliment your existing decor.

 Ten. Hanging something unique that interests you

Really here the possibilities are endless. You really have to think out of the frame here and let your personality shine through in your room. These shutters are unexpected and absolutely gorgeous!

I hope that you are inspired to start decorating. Remember there are more options out there than flat frames hanging on your walls. Be creative and have fun!

Ciao for now,