My living room has three large walls and i’ve always found it a challenge to decorate. I have a picture wall that i’ve finally finished on one wall, and didn’t want to add more frames in there. Just outside my living room hangs a large clock and a mirror, so I was really looking for something different. When I dreamed up this large canvas, I wanted it to be a statement piece (the size is 4ft x 7ft) that covered the whole wall, I wanted simple, and not complicated.

I bought this canvas at an art supply store – Deserres. It was the highest quality canvas and cost $2.20/yd. I painted the canvas the same colour as the wall so the frame and the quote really pop. I also love that it cost me under $80.

Five Easy Steps to Create this Large Canvas

Step One

The picture above is of the canvas painted and nailed to the wall. We (I solicited my husband… trust me it’s a two person job) nailed the blank canvas right on the wall stretching as we went along, making it as flat as you can make it. I painted it once it was nailed to the wall with my leftover wall paint – Benjamin Moore, Oxford White. I suggest using a roller and not a paint brush. Rolling the paint on the canvas will give you a flatter canvas when it dries. I don’t have a picture, but I bought an extra bit of canvas and did the test. When I used a paint brush, the canvas dried with a lot of creases and was much bumpier.

Step Two

 Then, I simply (and when I say “simply”, I mean I had to print it about 20 times because I couldn’t get the size right), printed it out the text and laid the text out on the canvas. When everything looked right, I used a ruler just to double check that the spacing was consistent between the words and also between each line.

Step Three

I bought some good old carbon paper from Staples,  then copied the letters onto the canvas. Place the carbon paper under the printed word and just outline the letters.

Step Four

I filled in the letters using this Sharpie. It was a true black, a regular sharpie just wasn’t black enough.

Step Five

When your canvas is done, nail in a few more nails to make sure that the canvas is stretched nicely with no puckers. The canvas should lie nice and flat with very few creases (although my canvas still has a few creases but I found it has flattened a bit over time). I picked up the wood for the frame at Home Depot and threw on one coat of stain. I nailed the frame right to the wall with a nail gun.

And voila!  I am really loving the way it turned out. It fills the whole entire wall, is a statement piece and yet still really simple. What do you think?

There are so many possibilities! Use your imagination and if you decide to give it a try I would love to see how it turned out! Good luck 🙂

Ciao for now,