I fell in love with typography when I studied Graphic Design back in College. That’s when I realized how plain old letters can become these amazing design elements. So, inevitably, my love of home decor and and typography came together in this post.

Lately, I have come across a few typographic applications that I felt I needed to share with you. If you can are comfortable with a bit of sketching, all these examples can be achieved with a pencil, some masking tape and if need be, a stencil or two. Remember it’s only paint so go ahead and have some fun!

Examples of Typography in Home Decor

Flea Market Chic by Liz Bauwens and Alexandra Campbell

I love how the headboard layers on top of the typography. It adds a real romantic quality to this bedroom.

Above, they have used typography as the accent wall. It easily could have been too overwhelming but it is cohesively placed above the desk area to give it context.

I love the tone on tone of this design.

Quick Tip: For a more subtle look, consider using a matte paint on your walls and using a glossy paint in the same colour for the lettering.

Check out the next two pictures, very different styles but both would work well in a teen’s bedroom.

Isoline Mallon Interiors

The next space is not for the weak, but remember that this can be done in a more neutral colour if that’s more to your taste. Remember that typography is more than just letters.

Photographer: Josh Partee

You’ll definitely need a stencil if your text is small like in the example above. I came accross Royal Design Studio Stencils and they have quite a large selection. Your neighbourhood art store should carry stencils as well.

My mind is definitely full of ideas. If you love typography as well, I hope some of these designs have inspired you.

My daughter has been itching for a new room so maybe i’ll have to give it a try. I promise I will post pictures when I’m done and I really hope you send me pictures if you attempt any of these. I would LOVE to see them.


Ciao for now,