A kitchen office can serve as command central for your family, or, if you work from home, it can serve as your home office. Having a desk in such a central location is great for multi tasking – I couldn’t imagine being upstairs, tucked away in a home office while life was going on in my house. But, a kitchen office in the heart of the home does come with one challenge – the danger of it becoming a dumping ground for pretty much everything.

Keeping a kitchen office efficient and organized is possible with a little commitment and discipline.

Remember your kitchen office is in plain sight for everyone to see and should fit in seamlessly with the rest of your decor. YES! It can be pretty AND functional!

For a clean and organized desk…. Embrace Minimalism!

An organized workspace means that everything has its place. My drawers contain only the things I use on a day to day basis. That’s it. Nothing else. If your kitchen workspace has become a dumping ground and you’re ready to get rid of the clutter, follow these five easy steps.

Five steps to an organized and clutter free workspace

  1. Give yourself a fresh start. Get a large basket and empty every single drawer into it. This won’t be easy but you’ll thank me a the end. Trust me, you need to start with a clean slate.
  2. Make a list of everything you use on a daily basis. Since my desk serves as my home office, my list looks like this: Laptop, notebook, pencil, eraser, pen, stapler, a place to organize my papers, camera, magazines (aka research) and post it notes. I also use the desk for my kids school papers, the bills, cheque books and I like to have these things handy – tape, ruler, sharpies, glue and scissors. Did I miss anything? Maybe, but if I did then you can be sure I’ll figure it out pretty quickly. More likely, you’ll be surprised at how little you actually need. The list might seem like a silly process but I promise it makes things easier. It eliminates putting back all those things you don’t know what to do with.
  3. Be disciplined. Only put back the things on your list and nothing more. Seriously. Don’t let anything else sneak in there. Remember that if everything has a spot, then at the end of the day, everything can be easily put away.
  4. Teach your family to respect the space. If your family is used to using this space as a dumping ground, go over what belongs on the desk and what doesn’t. You can even set a basket on the side of the desk if you have young kids who aren’t as eager as you to keep the space clean!
  5. Do the five minute clean up at the end of the day. You’ll thank yourself in the morning. A clean desk in the morning means a fresh start to the day.

This is a picture of inside my drawers. Drawer organizers are a must when you want to keep your space organized.

Cleaning your desk every night gives you a fresh start every morning and your mind will be clear to tackle a fresh new day. You will be more productive and efficient.

Keeping your filing drawer clean and organized makes it easy to file things away.

So now you are ready to tackle your desk. Are you up for the challenge? Just remember that no one is consistent 100% of the time. Make the commitment to clean up whatever clutter arises by redoing the five steps every month or so. Hey life happens right?

Here are some more great ideas for efficient workspaces

Love this chalk board wall.

Simply place your device on the base of the lamp (on the + sign) and it will charge! I love this idea for a kitchen office because let’s face it… wires are an eyesore. This one is from IKEA.


If you’re using your desk as a family command center, cork boards are a great way to pin up invitations, appointment, etc…


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